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      We’re proud to introduce the latest design in our mythology series, this time drawing inspiration from Mesoamerican culture.

      Here we have a depiction of the fearsome and powerful Tezcatlipoca, who was a multifaceted God in Aztec religion, being the God of Battles, Lord of the Night and also was viewed as a creator God. He was seen as being so powerful that it was thought to be almost impossible to properly depict him (hence this illustration actually features one of his elite Jaguar Warriors, a jaguar was one of his forms).

      Drawn by Indigenous Mexican artist Michael Vasquez (@izelillustrations), this depiction is directly influenced from the Codices drawings, the aim to be as historically accurate as possible. This explains the obsidian mirror behind him, the traditional macuahuitl weapon being held by the warrior and more details like the word we chose, YAOTL which means warrior. The festival that worshipped him, was during the month of Toxcatl, or our May. This is perfect because our design is launching IN May, this Friday.

      In whatever you pursue, may you apply yourself fully and embody a warrior spirit, in lifting or otherwise. May you be a Yaotl (warrior). If you’re feeling this design, give it a like and a comment. Very special thanks to the incredibly talented artist Michael Vasquez (@izelillustrations), whose incredible style really brought this concept to life.


      This is our NEW PREMIUM 100% HEAVYWEIGHT COTTON OVERSIZED TEES. They are much more spacious in the body, a little longer and the sleeves are bigger as well. Designed for those that want the classic oversized look. 

      Keep in mind because it is 100% COTTON, you'll want to cold wash to avoid any shrinkage (which shouldn't be much). It is advised to select your REGULAR Raskol tee size to get the correct OVERSIZED tee here. So if you normally wear Large, get an Oversized Large. We also have a chart below!

      Chest (Measured Across)
      Body Length (Measured Vertically)

      Chest Width 18.5"
      Length 29"

      Chest Width 20.5"
      Length 30"

      Chest Width 22.5"
      Length 31"

      Chest Width 24.5"
      Length 32"

      Chest Width 26.5"
      Length 33"

      Chest Width 28.5"
      Length 34.5"

      Chest Width 30.5"
      Length 36"

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