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THE STRONGEST (Gilgmaesh Limited Edition Fitted Tee)


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THE STRONGEST (Gilgmaesh Limited Edition Fitted Tee)




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      The latest in our mythology series. This time we have the original demigod King, Gilgamesh, ruler of the Sumer city of Uruk.

      The prototype of all subsequent heroes (including the popular Hercules), Gilgamesh is unmatched in physicality and strength. Unbeaten in wrestling. Restless on his throne, he embarks on a quest to discover the meaning of existence and later the path to immortality/resurrection.

      In the Cedar forest he encounters the great forest deity Humbaba (who he is wrestling here), eventually killing and decapitating him. The Cuneiform below translates to saying in Sumer "ANUNNGAL" which means the strongest or most powerful.

      This is a FITTED Polyblend shirt. It is a lighter, more comfortable and fitted shirt. Hugs the sleeves, tapers at the waist for an aesthetic fit.


      Fabric: 60% Cotton 40% Poly
      Combed Cotton/Poly Jersey 32 Singles 145g 4.3oz
      Neck: Set in Collar 1 x 1 Baby Rib Label:Tear Away

      Brand: Next Level Style# 6210 (CVC Crew)

      The shirt is similar to American Apparel (and fits as such). Comfortable, light and durable. I am a little over 5`9 at 180 and wear a Large typically, Medium if I want a very tight fit. 


      Width 18"
      Length 28"
      Chest 36"

      Width 20"
      Length 29"
      Chest 40"

      Width 22"
      Length 30"
      Chest 44"

      Width 24"
      Length 31"
      Chest 48"

      Width 26"
      Length 32"
      Chest 52"

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