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Too Weak To Quit (Premium Stringer)


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Too Weak To Quit (Premium Stringer)




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      We’ve seen the future, you’re still weak. Don’t worry, so are we. But so what?

      Are you going to quit? Give up this insane hobby we all partake in? Or are you going to slam some more caffeine, crank the tunes and pray you finally hit that PR?

      We might not be where we want to be but that doesn’t mean we can’t at least try. Call us crazy...but we don’t have any quit in us. Weak, sure. Occasionally eat too many cookies? Hell yes.

      But quit? We don’t think so. So put on your VR headset, we’re here to change the future, today.

      Keep in mind the MAJOR difference in sizing is just the length (most tank sizes in the chest area fit pretty similar). At 5'10 and 180lb, I wear a size Large.

      I would say the following sizes would work as a rule.

      If you are below 5'4 (or female) get Small
      If you are between 5'5'-5'10 (and/or a small or medium build) get Medium
      If you are between 5'7-5'11 (and/or a medium+ build) get Large
      If you are between 5'9-6'1 (and/or have quite a lot of muscle) get X-Large
      If you are 6'0+ (until maximum height 6'5) get XXL

      Women should wear the S or M. Most guys are either M or L (or if you are jacked/are taller, XL). Personally I like to wear the L or XL (whereas for t-shirts I usually wear a M or for leg day a L).

      Made of 88% Polyester, 8% Raylon, 4% Spandex. Machine wash on cold.


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