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Toning (Limited Edition)


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Toning (Limited Edition)




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      This is our anti-hardcore design.

      It seems like these days everyone wants you to pick an identity, a tribe. If you like to get stronger you are automatically a Powerlifter. If you like to build muscle, a Bodybuilder. If you do both, you’re apparently a Powerbuilder. That’s your identity. And you better bleed for it.

      But what if you just like to lift...because you really like to lift? What if you’re less focused on a label and more focused on the perpetual pursuit of getting better? This means that at some point this could be getting stronger, at another point leaning down and still further down the line just enjoying the process of having a goal?

      They scream in response that you aren’t REALLY about this life. Guess you aren’t hardcore.

      Guess not dude. My cheeky response these days whenever someone asks me “so what type of lifting do you do?” is always TONING. Choosing an anti-hardcore label like TONING is liberating because it removes the shackles of false expectations. There is no pretence. I lift because I lift.

      There is freedom in running your own race. The Zebra best represents this idea because outsiders try to label it a horse or a donkey. It’s neither. It’s a Zebra.

      In folklore, zebras “are an animal symbol that represents community, freedom, balance, and individualism”.

      Remember lifting is about your own personal fulfillment. Zebras unite.

      It's in a FITTED Polyblend shirt. This is a lighter, more comfortable and fitted shirt.


      Fabric: 60% Cotton 40% Poly
      Combed Cotton/Poly Jersey 32 Singles 145g 4.3oz
      Neck: Set in Collar 1 x 1 Baby Rib Label:Tear Away

      Brand: Next Level Style# 6210 (CVC Crew)

      The shirt is similar to American Apparel (and fits as such). Comfortable, light and durable. I am a little over 5`9 at 180 and wear a Large.


      Width 18"
      Length 28"
      Chest 36"

      Width 20"
      Length 29"
      Chest 40"

      Width 22"
      Length 30"
      Chest 44"

      Width 24"
      Length 31"
      Chest 48"

      Width 26"
      Length 32"
      Chest 52"

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    • Weight: 0.5 lb
    • Product Type: T-Shirt
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Jérémy L.
France France
great t-shirt

The T shirt fits very well (I bought m'y regular size), the logo is awesome. Great quality. 10/10 would buy again

United States United States
The Consequences of Showing Your True Colors

When I showed up to the gym wearing this shirt, I knew something had changed. The bodybuilders at the dumbbell rack wouldn't acknowldge me when I asked if they were using the 45's. Powerlifters stared through me, as though I were invisible, while presumably the strongest one started their 10th warmup set. After finishing my last set of 20, I remained seated at the adductor machine and began to weep. Never before had I felt such loneliness. That's when I heard footsteps approach. As I started to look up, I was able to take in the figures approaching me. Ankle weights shifted on their calfless legs. Booty bands strained as they side shuffled closer. Then I saw their leader. His crop top billowed like a cape as he stopped in front of me. One hand held a shake weight, and the other reached out in friendship. At last I saw his face, smiling warmly and crowned with a headband. He spoke. "Come with us if you want to tone" I took his hand and went into the light. ----------- Ps- the shirt fit well and was comfortable. 5'11" 186 lbs, I got large