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Spartacus *Premium Stringer*


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Spartacus *Premium Stringer*




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      Skálmē (sword in Thracian, written below the hero Spartacus)

      This is the second design in a new Heroic series. The idea is to highlight ancient military leaders, visionaries and others who’s deeds irrevocably changed the world.

      Spartacus, a Thracian man who was captured, sold into slavery and became a gladiator. He rose up in the ranks to become an infamous gladiator. Preferring to live free or die in the attempt, he led a successful rebellion and escaped his captivity. He then led a notorious army that ravaged the Roman countryside for a few years, devastating armies before finally losing his life in a battle. A symbol of freedom and resistance.

      The word in Thracian is Skálmē which roughly translates to sword. It’s a Thracian word written in the Greek alphabet. It’s one of the few words we have from their culture that survive, fitting for a design of Spartacus.

      Keep in mind the MAJOR difference in sizing is just the length (most tank sizes in the chest area fit pretty similar). At 5'10 and 180lb, I wear a size Large.

      I would say the following sizes would work as a rule.

      If you are below 5'4 (or female) get Small
      If you are between 5'5'-5'10 (and/or a small or medium build) get Medium
      If you are between 5'7-5'11 (and/or a medium+ build) get Large
      If you are between 5'9-6'1 (and/or have quite a lot of muscle) get X-Large
      If you are 6'0+ (until maximum height 6'5) get XXL

      Women should wear the S or M. Most guys are either M or L (or if you are jacked/are taller, XL). Personally I like to wear the L or XL (whereas for t-shirts I usually wear a M or for leg day a L).

      Made of 88% Polyester, 8% Raylon, 4% Spandex. Machine wash on cold.


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