• Science Fears NOTHING *Limited Edition*
  • Science Fears NOTHING *Limited Edition*

Science Fears NOTHING *Limited Edition*


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At Raskol, we want to slowly expand outside of just fitness shirts and represent our ethos, “to stand apart”. To honour those that stood apart.

We can think of few who better embody this than the criminal underrated Nikola Tesla. Much of our modern world operates because of his inventions. From the AC motor to pioneering research into electric light, electric motors, radio, x-ray, remote control, radar, wireless communications, and robotics...Tesla is arguably the most prolific inventor of all time.

However it wasn’t only his genius that makes him highly respected but his outlook. He viewed science as a tool to better help humanity and was altruistic in his pursuits (ripping up a contract that would today make him worth trillions of dollars). The line “Science Fears Nothing” means a few things. With respect to Tesla, perpetually an outsider, he was uncompromising in his pursuit of more knowledge.
Thomas Edison famously tried to block his inventions and besmirch his character (out of jealousy), but Tesla’s inventions came out on top. Science fears nothing. Not ignorance or malice. It simply is. No one can “own” science but we can use it as a tool, hopefully for good.


This is a premium FITTED Polyblend shirt. It is a lighter, more comfortable and fitted shirt. Hugs the sleeves, tapers at the waist for an aesthetic fit.

Fabric: 60% Cotton 40% Poly
Combed Cotton/Poly Jersey 32 Singles 145g 4.3oz
Neck: Set in Collar 1 x 1 Baby Rib Label:Tear Away

Brand: Next Level Style# 6210 (CVC Crew)

The shirt is similar to American Apparel (and fits as such). Comfortable, light and durable. I am a little over 5'9 at 185 and wear a Large for a comfortable fit and a Medium when I want to show off dem guns.


Width 18"
Length 28"
Chest 36"

Width 20"
Length 29"
Chest 40"

Width 22"
Length 30"
Chest 44"

Width 24"
Length 31"
Chest 48"

Width 26"
Length 32"
Chest 52"

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