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Raskol Athletic Men's Compression Pants (ROYAL BLUE)

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Raskol Athletic Men's Compression Pants (ROYAL BLUE)




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      Ask any hardcore lifter and a good pair of compression pants are clutch when lifting.


      For starters they make putting on knee sleeves super easy (they won’t tear your leg hair and the fabric makes it much easier to put on). They also reduce knee sleeve stank by producing a barrier between your skin and the sleeve.

      For deadlifts, the compression pants can be a barrier to prevent shin scraping, not to mention eliminating the need for baby powder by making it easier for the bar to glide up your legs.

      These are a few of the reasons many hardcore Powerlifters and weightlifters wear them, it makes lifting big weights a little less painful. And at Raskol, after tweaking these behind the scenes for several months, our new compression pants are now available. Unlike A LOT of other brands, the seams for these compression pants are on the side so they won’t catch on the bar.

      Made of 75% Nylon and 25% Spandex

      In general the recommendation is the following:

      Whatever jogger/compression pants size you typically wear, go with that size. If you normally wear medium, wear medium. Large go with large etc. 

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