• Progressive Overload (Aegean Blue Limited Tee)
  • Progressive Overload (Aegean Blue Limited Tee)

Progressive Overload (Aegean Blue Limited Tee)

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Milo of Croton...Progressive Overload

Now, a little history lesson for everyone. Milo was an ancient Greek wrestler, the greatest of his time. A 6 time Olympian.

There is a fable that Milo got stronger by carrying a baby cow up a mountain everyday to train. As the cow grew up, it got heavier. Milo kept carrying the baby cow until it became a bull.

Progressive overload at its finest. This is a central tenet to any smart training program...to get better.

This is a FITTED Polyblend shirt. It is a lighter, more comfortable and fitted shirt. Hugs the sleeves, tapers at the waist for an aesthetic fit.


Fabric: 60% Cotton 40% Poly
Combed Cotton/Poly Jersey 32 Singles 145g 4.3oz
Neck: Set in Collar 1 x 1 Baby Rib Label:Tear Away

Brand: Next Level Style# 6210 (CVC Crew)


The shirt is similar to American Apparel (and fits as such). Comfortable, light and durable. I am a little over 5`9 at 180 and wear a Medium.
100% cotton. Pre-shrunk.

Width 18"
Length 28"
Chest 36"

Width 20"
Length 29"
Chest 40"

Width 22"
Length 30"
Chest 44"

Width 24"
Length 31"
Chest 48"

Width 26"
Length 32"
Chest 52"


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