• Heavy Metal (Computer Blue Edition)

Heavy Metal (Computer Blue Edition)


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You might be thinking to yourself hmmm, this is about guys appreciating the female booty. And that might be your interpretation.

But to us its about body acceptance. I love squatting too much and as a result I can't fit into normal pants anymore. My ass has been turned into a plump peach. And I refuse to be stereotyped. We are thick and know it. In fact we are proud of it.
So male power lifters, weightlifters and bodybuilders stand up and say it with me... We are...the p e a c h b o i s

 It says Peachbois in Japanese FYI.

In the videos I actually wear X-Large. I can also wear Large or a snug Medium. I am a little over 5`9 and a little over 180 lbs. The photos you see, everyone is wearing Large/X-Large.

Keep in mind the MAJOR difference in sizing is just the length (most tank sizes in the chest area fit pretty similar).

I would say the following sizes would work as a rule.

If you are below 5'4 (or female) get Small
If you are between 5'5'-5'10 (and/or a small or medium build) get Medium
If you are between 5'7-5'11 (and/or a medium+ build) get Large
If you are between 5'9-6'1 (and/or have quite a lot of muscle) get X-Large
If you are 6'0+ (until maximum height 6'5) get XXL

Women should wear the S or M. Most guys are either M or L (or if you are jacked/are taller, XL). Personally I like to wear the L or XL (whereas for t-shirts I usually wear a M or for leg day a L).

Made of 88% Polyester, 8% Raylon, 4% Spandex. Machine wash on cold.


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